Mothers of Invention

As the late September sun streams through Diana Ringquist’s windows, she motions to the sparsely furnished apartment behind her.  “It’s been like this since May,” she says with a small laugh. Ringquist’s husband, an officer in the United States Army, has been stationed in Angola, Africa. She is looking forward to returning to the continent,Continue reading “Mothers of Invention”

We Remember

By Julie Svoboda Retired combat veterans Todd Mercer and Ric Levine stood outside the chapel at US Army base Panzer Kaserne near Stuttgart, Germany, waiting for the ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks to begin.  Lepine reflected on his service and the weight of this anniversary. “Any milestone anniversary has significance,Continue reading “We Remember”

Life in Lockdown

Stuttgart, Germany – Rebecca Thomas, an Australian married to an American employed by the United States Department of Defense, sits in her home in a village outside Stuttgart, Germany, where there are several military bases housing hundreds of families like hers.  Before the COVID-19 pandemic, weekends were full of activity.  Now, however, the German governmentContinue reading “Life in Lockdown”

Learning to Cope

How COVID-19 is Affecting Education As COVID-19 impacted the 2020-2021 school year, parents found themselves with multiple concerns about the long-term effects the changes and disruptions would have on their children and wondered whether virtual or in-person learning would be best for their children. Many school districts offered parents the choice to enroll their studentsContinue reading “Learning to Cope”

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